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Mobile Phones and Sleep

Mobile Phone Addicts Most Sleep Deprived: Study

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has confirmed a long held suspicion of many parents and teachers, ` teenagers who routinely snuggle up in bed at night with their computer or mobile phone are more than twice as likely to be sleep deprived than other adolescents`. Over 70% of 11-17 year olds were reporting two or more devices could be found in their bedroom at night. One of the researchers, Dr Marschall said,` the findings suggest that night time technology use is harmful for both sleep and circadian systems, hurting teen health and learning potential`.  Researchers found that light emitted by computers, mobile phones and TVs is known to suppress the sleep hormone melatonin and delay sleep/wake patterns. These devices are also interactive, keeping the user alert and awake. Teenagers need NINE (9) hours of sleep a night on average and should aim for at least EIGHT (8)hours a night on weeknights. Sleep deprivation has been linked to mood disorders, learning problems, school absenteeism, poor self- esteem and weight gain.

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