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Mobile Phones and Sleep

Mobile Phone Addicts Most Sleep Deprived: Study

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has confirmed a long held suspicion of many parents and teachers, ` teenagers who routinely snuggle up in bed at night with their computer or mobile phone are more than twice as likely to be sleep deprived than other adolescents`. Over 70% of 11-17 year olds were reporting two or more devices could be found in their bedroom at night. One of the researchers, Dr Marschall said,` the findings suggest that night time technology use is harmful for both sleep and circadian systems, hurting teen health and learning potential`.  Researchers found that light emitted by computers, mobile phones and TVs is known to suppress the sleep hormone melatonin and delay sleep/wake patterns. These devices are also interactive, keeping the user alert and awake. Teenagers need NINE (9) hours of sleep a night on average and should aim for at least EIGHT (8)hours a night on weeknights. Sleep deprivation has been linked to mood disorders, learning problems, school absenteeism, poor self- esteem and weight gain.

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Mental Health Week 6th - 10th October



This webpage provides information about mental health and access to online and phone support.


Useful website and contacts for mental health and wellbeing   - Mental Health Victoria  -Beyond Blue contains information sheets, advice, videos and help forums  -The Black Dog Institute has a number of articles worth reading which can be found at this link  - Headspace provides services for 12 -25 year olds – the Shepparton service contact details are Phone: 58 23 8800 or 129 High Street Shepparton  - provides online support and counselling to young people aged 12-25



Foundation Day Concert

The anniversary of the school’s foundation is traditionally recognised as 20 August. Since 1982, the school has celebrated the school’s foundation with a concert scheduled as close as practicable to Foundation Day. On Wednesday 13 August, Founders Hall hosted the 2014 Foundation Day Concert.

The location of the concert in Founders Hall is appropriate given its name but also because the Foundation tree is located a short distance away from the hall and is an ongoing reminder of the Founders’ vision.

Most importantly, the significance of music in the Founders’ vision marks the concert as a particularly relevant celebration. The Founders dreamed of a school where a well-rounded education would be provided, which would foster students developing not only academically but also artistically and creatively. The music programme is a powerful way these skills can be developed, as well as leadership, teamwork and organisation.

Today there is even greater appreciation of the importance of students developing a range of skills and dispositions that will enable them to thrive in a complex world, which will require problem solvers and lateral thinkers.

The concert has traditionally also featured a showcase of Visual Art. Founders Hall Foyer is transformed into a gallery for the evening displaying a cornucopia of student Visual Art works.

For some years now, the Visual Art Department has contributed to the evening through works including ceramics, printing, etching, painting, drawing and sculpture. Special thanks to all our Visual Art students for their creativity and skills which were so clearly displayed. Thanks also to the Art Department staff Mr John Lancaster, Mrs Clare Nolen, Ms Kelly Rolfe, Mrs Sharon O’Connor and Mrs Deidre Belleville, the Head of Visual Art.

The evening also featured a wonderful display of outstanding musical talent. The talent and confidence of our young musicians enthralled parents and guests.  Performances spanned a broad range of musical experiences from Men at Work to Charlie Parker and Piazolla.

The performances by the Junior and Intermediate Concert Bands are, as always, a highlight. It is particularly exciting to see the progress made by so many of our younger musicians who will form the backbone of the music programme in the years ahead. The event was a great success with record numbers of parents and family members attending to support our students.

We congratulate all the students for their preparation, which ensured performances of such a high standard. We particularly thank our hosts for the evening Jessica Fisher and Margie Taylor (Music Prefects). We also thank and recognise the inspiration and skill of our music staff Mrs Vicki Prewett, Mrs Helen Janke, Ms Fiona Morphett, Ms Clifton McLeod, Mr Bruce Archibald, Ms Carmen Allemand, Mrs Genevieve Bihun and Mr Paul Cathcart - Director of Music and Dexter Archibald (Year 11) who co-ordinated a number of ensembles.



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