Scholarships 2021

Please note: The Academic Scholarship Exam has been cancelled due to the current restrictions.  Parents who submitted applications for their children will be contacted by the school.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarship applications for 2021 entry may be made from December 2019. Academic scholarships are available for entry to:

  • Year 5
  • Year 7
  • Year 10
  • Year 11

Goulburn Valley Grammar School scholarship examinations are conducted by EduTest Australia. Registration and payment for Academic Scholarships can only be made online.

Students currently attending Goulburn Valley Grammar School and students not yet attending the school may apply for Years 7 and 11 Academic Scholarships.

Year 10 and Year 5 Academic Scholarships are for students not currently attending the school.

Academic Scholarships provide for up to 50% remission of the tuition fee.  All other fees are payable.

Scholarships at Year 5 are awarded for two years.  Scholarships at other levels may be awarded for two years or for the duration of secondary education, providing the student makes satisfactory progress.

Important Dates: Registration for Academic Scholarships has closed.

  • Please read carefully the ‘Scholarship and Entrance Testing Information’ on the EduTest Website
  • A fee of $85 (incl. GST) is required for each application and payment is required at the completion of the on-line registration process. A late fee surcharge will be charged for applications received after the closing date.

Examinations will be held at Goulburn Valley Grammar School, 455 Verney Road, Shepparton on Saturday 21st March 2020. Details will be emailed to each candidate sitting at Goulburn Valley Grammar School.

Results: It is anticipated that results will be available by late May.  Scholarship candidates will receive a report from EduTest with general information about their performance. EduTest has indicated that actual scores (or order of merit) must not be communicated to parents. This is a condition of entering students to this examination.

General Excellence Scholarship

(Secondary – Years 7-11, 2021 entry)

General Excellence Scholarships are offered for entry to the secondary section of the school (Years 7-11 in 2021).  These are conducted by Goulburn Valley Grammar School and application forms may be downloaded from the website or candidates may contact the Registrar’s office to obtain the appropriate application forms.

Students in Years 6-10 not currently attending Goulburn Valley Grammar School may apply for General Excellence scholarships to enter any year level between Years 7 and 11.

Students currently in Year 6, 2020 at Goulburn Valley Grammar School may also apply.

Awards will be made on the basis of a written application, supported by references.  Students will be required to demonstrate strong academic potential, together with a capacity to excel in such areas as service, leadership, music, drama, the arts and sport.  Copies of latest school reports and NAPLAN testing must also be included.

These applications will be reviewed by a selection panel who will recommend a shortlist to be interviewed.

For students who have lodged an application for an academic scholarship and paid the application fee, no further charge will be made for the General Excellence Scholarship.  Students who have not lodged an Academic Scholarship Application will be charged an $85 (incl. GST) fee with the scholarship application.

As the school will no longer be open on Saturday 21st March 2020, the updated closing date for General Excellence Scholarship applications is 4pm Friday, 20th March, 2020.

Results: It is anticipated that all Scholarship results will be available late May 2020.

To download the registration form, please click the file name listed below.

General Excellence Application

Aboriginal and Refugee Scholarships

The Aboriginal and Refugee Student Scholarships have been established to provide educational opportunities for students who have the potential to lead within the community. These Scholarships will be awarded to both an Aboriginal student and a Refugee student for Year 7 entry in 2021.

Applicants are asked to submit written applications which may be followed by an interview with a selection panel chaired by the Principal. A second interview may be required.  Application forms are available from the Registrar or from the website and should be completed and returned to the school by Friday 20th March 2020. 

Results: It is anticipated that all Scholarship results will be available late May 2020.

To download the application form, please click the file name listed below.

Aboriginal Scholarship Application

Refugee Scholarship Application

Further information

Further information regarding scholarships can be arranged by calling Pam Wallace, Registrar on +61 3 5833 3300 or by email.

Download a copy of our Scholarship 2021 brochure.