The school is a community with a positive culture where learning is central to the school’s vision and where learning growth and achievement are core to our aims and efforts.

Since foundation the school’s core aim has been to create an environment which promotes a love of learning and fosters the highest standards of academic achievement for all students. The school aims to nurture a learning community where students are challenged and where, through support and nurturing, they work to achieve the high expectations to which they aspire.

Our academic learning programme is based on the Victorian Curriculum and aims to equip students with conceptual understanding and knowledge, reflective practices, effective study skills and self-discipline attitudes which enable autonomous lifelong learning. A broad education is preferred over early specialization so that students are empowered with the functional skills to help them to realize their potential and to effectively participate in a 21st century society.

School Structure

Middle Years (Years 5-8)
Yakapna Programme (Year 9)
Senior School (Years 10-12)